Qi Gong
Taiji Quan
Bagua Zhang
Tien Shan Gong

qi gong - solo forms
partner work - weaponry
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Sifu Dale

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Harris Sensei

Sifu Tchoung



Triangle - Circle - Square
Xin - Qi - Shen
body - energy - spirit
basic - flowing - creative

set - circular - balanced
beginning - intermediate - advanced


  The purpose of our study is to improve our health, coordination, strength, and centering.
 We practice the arts to understand the principles, the philosophy, and how to incorporate them
 into our daily lives.
Relaxation of body and calmness of mind is our primary goal.
Moving in a natural, relaxed, efficient, and strong manner.

Beginners and all levels are welcome.
You are encouraged to progress at your own pace.



Interested members are able to study the complete curriculum in the classical styles:
exercise, energy work, solo forms, self-defense and weaponry with the opportunity to qualify for teaching certification in the art studied. Traditional methods are taught, not the modern performance/competition styles. Partner work is done to understand the purpose and function of the movements as relaxation and self-defense tool. We donít emphasize fighting, tournaments, sport, or competition training.


 Outdoor Sessions
If you have any questions please feel free to approach and talk with us.

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of various demonstrations and forms.